AutoCTR™ - The highly acclaimed 'currency transaction reporting' solution - Reduce Branch Processing time and BSA Dept resource costs over 90%

Zero Tolerance

Creating zero tolerance CTRs is a serious problem for most banks. The manual teller efforts, teller training, back office work and expenses associated with properly aggregating, creating and filing CTRs is a drain on resources and can affect customer relationships. The threat of criminal penalties of up to ten years in jail, huge fines and sanctions lurk in the background.

Maximum Accuracy

Our goal of optimum accuracy is achieved through a deep domain expertise and minimal manual decisioning. AutoCTR’s proven analytics utilize the customer, account and transactional information extracted from the core banking system and the files used to record cash transactions. Linking of primary and secondary relationships and aggregation by conductor and account owner is automated. Exempt accounts are properly handled. Population of CTR forms is automated for each record filed and errors and omissions are auto detected before the CTR is filed.

Improved Customer Service

AutoCTR eliminates manual teller work. Customer service is measurably improved. No more teller errors and omissions, errors in judgment, unreadable handwriting, delayed response from branches when information is missing, disorganized paperwork, delays at the teller line and expensive training.

Automated Audit Trails

Regulators and auditors can see why CTRs are filed and readily confirm that a bank’s aggregations are correct. Saved files with drill-up and drill-down capabilities allow easy reconstruction and validation of CTRs.

Setup and Support

Accredited ACAMS professionals help your bank in installation, setup, cash proof training and support.

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