Check, Deposit, ATM, Debit Card (POS) and ACH Fraud Detection and Prevention

FTG’s Fraud Shield™ software provides a robust database interfaced rules driven solution designed to work with and analyze any type of deposit based transaction activity. Seven fraud detection and prevention routines and a consolidated reporting system with desktop display and imaging provide rapid identification and prioritizing of suspect transactions and accounts. The interface to teller systems provides real-time alerts of suspicious transaction activity.

Analysis results are organized, sorted, scored and grouped to highlight the highest risk transactions and accounts first. User defined selection attributes provide a wide choice of options that allow analysis by geographic area, by type of account, e.g. commercial or personal, by amount of acceptable risk, e.g. check amount, deposit amount, out-of-sequence patterns and more. Options are provided to help fraud analysts select just the accounts and transactions they want to work with, e.g. sleeper accounts, and eliminate unwanted items.

Fraud Shield™ is a rapid response system. This means that analysis and prioritizing parameters can be changed in minutes and financial institutions can respond immediately to fraud occurring at any geographic location, branch, or across any type of account.

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