Check Kiting

This product maintains a database by account and customer updated daily. The database includes computed analysis results, ten robust kite tracking routines, and keys for accessing account and customer information and transactions. The bank is provided options to set screen entry parameters and define rules that flag accounts for reporting and further analysis. To assist in rapid determination that a previously good account is now undergoing a kite, analysis is also done during a rolling base period and a rolling analysis period and comparisons are made between the two periods to measure the potential of a kite evolving.

Once an account is flagged as being a possible kite because it meets the bank’s defined reporting rules, point scoring, and prioritizing options, it’s reported along with all of the customer’s other deposit accounts and their kiting potential score. Reports and desktop database inquiry displays are provided. Reports and desktop displays provide account and transaction data needed for analysis, as well as all kite detection computational factors and results, e.g. ratios.

Because Kiting and Money Laundering have similar characteristics, those banks using Focus Technology Group products will be provided an easy means to cross-reference between the kiting and money laundering analysis results at any moment in time.

Kite Detector is a rapid response system. This means that analysis and prioritizing parameters can be changed in minutes and financial institutions can respond immediately to changes in kiting profiles occurring at any geographic location, branch, or across any type of account.

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