AS/400 iSeries audit and monitoring solutions

Designed for system administrators, auditors and security personnel, Patrol400™ is a ‘load-and-go’ and menu and parameter driven AS/400 resident software product. Patrol400 audits and monitors IBM AS/400 security including all actions and events and changes to user and object security status from a fixed point or floating point in time.

All field attributes and events associated with:

- User Profiles and Base Line Changes to User Profiles

- AS/400 Objects and Base Line Changes to Objects

- System Values and Base Line Changes to System Values

- AS/400 Audit Journal - All Events

- Source Code and File Changes

Can be accessed for reporting. This includes fixed and floating base line reporting on changes to user profiles, changes to objects, and changes to system values.

Information associated with users and objects can be easily filtered and formatted for optional download using Patrol400™’s download manager.

Created from Patrol400™’s own customized reporting options, ninety five (95) ready-made Quick Reports are already provided for your use along with explanations of their purpose and analysis hints that can be printed as part of the report itself. You can easily pick your favorite Quick Reports, bookmark them, and schedule them for running on any custom schedule, or regular production schedule.

Patrol400™ counts among its licensed users the U.S. Department of Defense, Fleet Boston Bank, Savings Bank Life Insurance, TASC Service Bureau, Australia, British Columbia Rail System, CPA Firms, and many community banks.

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