Extractor™ Build Customized Databases

Extractor software provides menu and parameter driven routines for creating SIGNATURE database extracts, automatically rebuilding databases, automatically preparing files for PCOMBS, and creating custom reports.

Extractor can save up to 90% of the time needed to create and test custom designed databases. It greatly simplifies and facilitates:

Creation of selective databases for any type of testing requirements

• Testing of new SIGNATURE releases

• Testing of new products -- in-house and 3rd party

• Testing of SIGNATURE add-on complementary products

• Identifying possible PCOMB problems

• Creating and testing 'what-if' scenarios

• Excluding unwanted accounts from test databases

• Rapid builidng of selective databases for employee training and custom reporting

• Adding and deleting accounts individually from a database

• Quickly running PCOMBS against a small representative or selective portion of the database

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