Financial Crime Platform

Focus Technology Group’s core intellectual property asset is its fraud detection framework, which all of FTG’s products are built upon. The first component of this framework is the fraud scenario template. To the user, this template drives a simple, powerful user interface allowing for the creation and customization of various fraud scenarios. Developed in concert with FTG’s core scenario processor, these fraud scenario templates allow for maximal reusability of analytics and define the architecture to extend specific functionality as reusable components. These templates are derived from team’s intellectual knowledge earned over the 20-plus years of experience detecting fraudulent behavior in financial institutions.

FTG includes a set of industry best practice preconfigured fraud scenarios with all systems, thus providing immediate value to its customers. FTG’s Financial Crime Platform provides the structure to house these three components of this fraud analytic framework. This key intellectual property allows specific (and future) financial fraud scenarios to be bundled into targeted applications; using 80% reusable components and 20% targeted components.

This platform has been implemented in an open version based on Microsoft technology, and a tightly integrated version that matches the core banking vendors technology.

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