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Focus Technology Group’s product line maps directly to a bank’s core processing system and is resident on the banking system servers.  This means that you do not have the worries of extracting data and loading it into our products, rather data is “pulled in” by our products.  It is a one-step operation.

FTG also offers IDEA banking apps developed with CaseWare that are dependent on separately extracting data from the banking system, then loading that data into the IDEA system. It is a two-step operation.

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AutoCTR software is an automated currency transaction reporting and electronic filing solution.  All CTR related functions are centrally managed and performed within the AutoCTR program.  Cash transactions aggregate by the entity’s Tax Identification Number (TIN) and customer information record (CIF). Beneficiaries and affected accounts are identified and reported. Compliant with…

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Financial institutions are consistently challenged to meet the change control requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley. Finding and implementing the right solution to support efficient creation of appropriate sample databases that meet testing and documentation standards is a daunting task. Build Fiserv Signature test databases in minutes using EXTRACTOR’S seamless access to over…

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BancAudit Pro

A PROVEN TRACK RECORD OF PROTECTING BANK ASSETS BancAudit Pro Audit and Fraud Detection System is the only Computer Assisted Audit Tool (CAAT) of its kind!  BancAudit Pro has proven its value over 25 years in heading off costly operational issues, providing greater audit coverage in a fraction of the…

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BANCPROTECT breaks new ground! A bank’s risk exposure to the unauthorized movement of funds between deposit, time and loan accounts is tremendous. This is because millions of dollars daily are transferred between accounts, with many of those dollars moving between unrelated accounts!  In fact, approximately 40% of bank internal fraud…

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CaseWare selected Focus Technology Group to develop two banking apps for their world renown IDEA® data analysis software. Each app contains eight powerful tests that address deposit and loan risks such as: Errors & omissions Internal fraud External fraud Money laundering Compliance violations Internal control weaknesses

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Patrol 400

Patrol 400 is the most effective IBM iSeries AS400 security monitor Patrol400 is the most comprehensive, flexible and easy-to-use AS/400 iSeries security tool on the market today.  It audits and monitors all actions and events that can occur on and through the IBM AS/400 iSeries. Patrol400’s unique balance of pre-defined…

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