IDEA Loan Examiner

The IDEA Loan Examiner App was jointly designed by Focus Technology Group and CaseWare to identify fraud, errors and omissions and internal control gaps related to consumer, commercial and mortgage loan accounts.  Eight robust tests are provided:

Underperforming Loans

Identifies and reports loans that are currently overdue for at least 60 days and were opened within the last six months.  All loan transactions since account opening are also reported for each overdue loan .

Loan Transaction Monitor

Identifies and reports all “user-selected” transaction types for which a user wants to generate reports.  All transactions that are back-dated more than four days are automatically selected by this test.

Loan Maintenance Monitor

Identifies and reports all maintenance activities on loans.  Both data prior to each change and after each change are reported.

Loan Payment Extensions

Recalculates the number of months each loan has been extended and reports loans that fall under either of the following scenarios: 1) loans with excessive extensions; and 2) unauthorized extensions. Extended loans are also summarized and reported by loan officer.

Loan Repayment Analysis

Analyzes open and closed loans for “rollover” loans that appear to have been made to a borrower to payoff loans to the same borrower.  These loans are reported by borrower.

Loan Charge-off and Recovery Monitor

Identifies and reports charged-off loans and loan recoveries by loan officer.  Also reports each loan officer’s total loan portfolio as a baseline to assist in identifying  trends that may be indicative of loan fraud, recovery fraud, poor underwriting, non-performance, etc.

Loan Delinquency Manipulation

Recalculates days, payments and amounts delinquent for each loan.  It then reports any difference between the recalculated delinquent amount due and the system delinquent amount due.

Lending Separation of Duties

First identifies all loan transactions posted by loan officers and then analyzes all loans for the approving officers and reports any officers who posted transactions to loans they approved.  The test identifies the following two scenarios:

  • Disbursement control gaps – Loan officer posts a loan disbursement to a loan account approved bythe same officer
  • Payment control gaps – Loan officer posts a loan payment to a loan account approved by the same officer

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