ML Shield List Processing

ML Shield provides a comprehensive analysis method of comparing names in the Customer Information File (CIF) to names on the OFAC’s Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) list to meet BSA and Patriot Act compliance. The matching probability technique is highly accurate and fully complies with federal examination standards.

The first time the SDN list is processed, all customer names in your bank’s CIF are compared to names on the SDN list. The initial number of matches will be larger than all new matches on a going-forward basis. Each of the processed CIF keys and OFAC keys are tracked to prevent the same CIF key/OFAC key  from being checked and reported when the check is performed again using the same and/or subsequent SDN lists.

Administrators of the SDN list processing feature should visit the US Treasury website and sign up for SDN list notification. Subscribers are notified by email when a new SDN list is released. When notified by the US Treasury, administrators of ML Shield can download the SDN, Alternate and Address files to their PC and then upload the lists to the iSeries for processing in ML Shield.



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