Patrol 400

Patrol 400 is the most effective IBM iSeries AS400 security monitor

Patrol400 is the most comprehensive, flexible and easy-to-use AS/400 iSeries security tool on the market today.  It audits and monitors all actions and events that can occur on and through the IBM AS/400 iSeries. Patrol400’s unique balance of pre-defined analytics and flexible user-defined rules allow you to customize your security monitoring program.

Why You Need Patrol 400

Information is the lifeblood of financial services companies and sound control over your AS/400 should be at the forefront in your defense against security breaches.  Nine (9) of the following “Top 10 IBM i Series Security Exposures” identified by Wayne Evans, a leading authority on iSeries security, are mitigated by Patrol400.

Top 10 IBM iSeries Security Exposures*

  1.  No security policy / ineffective security policy
  2. PC access creates security exposure
  3. Trivial passwords
  4. Unrestricted command line access
  5. Excessive special authority in user profiles
  6. Unrestricted use of IBM Navigator for i
  7. Security level set below 40
  8. Dormant and/or terminated accounts
  9. Inconsistent object ownership & authority
  10. Incorrectly set authority to library on list

*Source: Four Hundred Guru December 2010


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